Welcome to my circle

Hello Everyone !!


Welcome to my new circle. As some of you may know I am a real  spanking fetishist and I love administering over the knee bare bottom spankings to naughty adults. I've been into spanking most my life. I knew from a young age that spanking something about spanking was special to me.

As I became older I found  I was not the only one who aquired this intense love for spanking . Spankig is where it started but as experienced more I foudn that my spanking fetish extends a biut further into many bottom fetishes. As well as medical role play and enemas. I guess anything having to do with the bottom turns me on.


Fifteen years ago I started my website tantrumtrainers.com and began producing videos. My catalogue consists of over 300 action packed femdom and femfem  spanking videos. So please if you haven't already..... check it out.

This site is for meeting other spanking fetishist, posting POV spanking clips, stern strict pic sets and lots chatting & interaction. I encourage you to send me your custom requests for clips or pic sets. 

I am an easy going, fun loving, down to earth kind of girl so do not be shy. Please tell me everything ask me anything, I love to hear your stories & to tell you mine. We are the same and we get off on spanking. So we are kindred spirits you and I. :)

I take nothing for granted. Life is very short and we must make the most of every second, minute, day, week, month, year.... This is what makes me happy. So I look forward to meeting you, old friends, new fans and most of all spending my time getting to explore this wonderful fetish together.




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April, 24, 2017

Moving site

April, 24, 2017

Moving site

Hello Everyone 


I hope you are doing well. Unfortunately I've had to many issues with this platform and site so I've decided to move the site 


Here's the new address I hope to see u all there it's just easier to post and I can work from my phone so more posts pics clips yay 



Thank you for being so supportive and patient Kelly 



April, 12, 2017

My dirty fantasy

April, 12, 2017

My dirty fantasy

Good Afternoon everyone !! I hope your having a great day. After all night drinking with friends wide awake we all we all decided to head to Palm Spring on a red eye Sunday morning. So here I am one of my favorites places and whats on my mind spanking,sex,perverted thoughts. So as I'm sitting here with my mind in the gutter I thought I would share my thoughts with you.This is how it all started.

Today I go for a massage ok the lady was exactly my type older wretched and big with a strong personality.

So of course as she's massaging me my mind is going a mile a minute fantasies start flooding my mind.

I think this woman looks like she would give someone a spanking especially if they weren't following direction. This place offers colonic irrigation which fit me excited.

So me being the voyeur that I am I begin to think of her massaging a girl who she knows and this one day the girl comes for a colonic.

So like me she has the girl get naked and take a shower and like me she stood right by the shower and watched imagining she's looking at her ass maybe she was looking at mine. I'll never know.

So she wraps the towel around her and leads her to the massage room.

She has her get in the table on her back and presses the girls tummy and she gets annoyed telling that the girl did not follow directions for this colonic she ate a big breakfast which made it hard for the masseuse to do the colonic.

She's angry and she has the girl turn over and out her face in the hole at the head of the table.

She spreads the girls ass and sticks her finger deep inside and once again seems annoyed.

"Young lady did you think I couldn't tell that you hadn't followed my instruction?"

" Now this is gonna make for a lot of time and extra work for me "

"Young lady get down off that table you know what's gonna happen before we start your irrigation. That's right your going over my knee. Now get down here."

The girl complies she walks over to the stealthy lady in her panties and the lady pull her abruptly across her knee.

"So miss you don't wish to follow direction even after the warning I gave you? Now you'll see what I mean by a blistered bottom."

The masseuse proceeds to slap her hard one hard slap at a time over her panties until the girl begins to wiggle ad moan. Then she pulls her panties down exposing her thick chubby bottom white now light pink bottom.

She gets the massage oil and begins rubber no the young ladies bottom in between the crack and all over her supple cheeks. Touching her pussy and asshole at times.

Then she takes a good hold of her grasping her arm around the girls small waist she picks up a thin but hard wooden paddle and says " This is the punishment I promised and I'm sure I will get my message across as to how important it is to follow directions. I have to cancel other appointments today because you couldn't follow simple instructions.!

With that she lifted the thin wooden paddle and slowly began paddling the girls oiled behind. One cheek then the other.
saying " This will teach you to waste my time..... you'll learn now after I turn this backside black and blue"

She continued in a rhythmic procession of whacks getting closer together and harder. That's when the girl started fidgeting and whimpering then yelling " Please pleeease I promise it will never happen again "

"That's right because I'm gonna see to that." the masseuse said.

And as she continued using the paddle on her oiled bare bottom the girls legs flailed her panties around her ankles and her arms tried to block the paddle but couldn't the lady had a tight hold and actually enjoyed watching her legs flailing and seeing her crack open exposing her delicious tight asshole. Which she had planned on working next.

When her bottom was good and red and blistered she had the girl get back in the massage table.

This time securing her head down in the hole and tying the girls hand at each corner of the table.

She used a wedge to prompt up her bottom then tied each ankle to He corners opening her ass slightly.

"Now young lady we're gonna do this the old fashioned way since you can't follow direction and I'm not gonna lie it's not going to be quick or pleasant.

She takes out a long soap stick from a jar of oil. It's about 10" long. The girl can't see. She goes to the side of the table and bends over the girls red plump slightly opened bottom spread her cheeks and then says "I'm gonna stimulate your bottom and this is gonna hurt."

The girl tries to get free and move her bottom that's when the masseuse takes these leather straps and secures them around the girls waist. "There now you can't fidget around. And for trying I'm not gonna make this easy. "

That's when she pushed the 10" soap stick about the thickness of a finger all the way up in her ass. The girl let out a yelp and her bottom twitched.
"There how do you like that missy."

Then she pulled it out quickly all the way and shoved it deep again and in and out she teamed her ass deep and thorough until the girl was almost crying. She was definitely uncomfortable.

"There we go in and out this will teach you "

The girls asshole started tingling

"Ouch it burns!"

"Good it's working " and the masseuse continued teaming her ass slapping her here and there when she wouldn't stay still.

After the soap stick was almost gone from melting from the heat and friction.

The masseuse decided at that moment she wanted to give this young lady something she'll never forget.

So she went to the draw at the end of the counter and took out a large strap on. 9" 2" in circumference.

"Now young lady this will help but I like yo use it as a form of punishment "

She goes to the end of the table undies the girls ankles and unhook 2 metal clasps at dah side of the table and folds the table down do now the girls lower body is vertical her legs free her waist tied her bottom up over a wedge.

The masseuse has done this before. She pulls out a step at the bottom of the table gets up so now she's at the perfect height to use her strap on.

She steps back and looks at the girls quivering red ass her cheeks slightly spread so her asshole is showing and it's slightly open from the soap stick reaming.

The masseuse removes her clothing leaves her bra on but removes her panties and steps into the strap on pulling it up and pushing the round silicone plug into her vagina. She adjusts her pink cock and tightens the harness. The entire time her pussy is dripping and throbbing-pulsing tightening around the plug.

She looks at her ass high in the air she hears the girls whimpering not knowing what's gonna happen.

The masseuse walks around to the head of the table and undoes the girls head lifting it and putting her chin in a chin cup so she's looking straight ahead where there is a mirror. She undoes the girls arms and ties them behind her back.

Then she gets her ass in from of the girls face and forced her to sniff and lick her asshole. Pushing her ass against the girls face so her nose is deep in the crack.

When she's had enough of the girls whimpers and licks she goes and gets ha cane from the closet and decides a couple good strokes of the cane before she fucks her ass but good.

So she steps to the side and with all her might cane held above her head she comes down once so that when the cane hits the sound cracks and the girl screams out. Once again the cane is lifted and brought down with all her might.

"OUCH " tears start to roll down the girls face. The masseuse watches in the mirror as she brings the cane down again the girls face contorts and she lets out a loud yelp.

With every stroke the masseuse' s pussy gets more aroused and wet. Her vagina squeezing the plug tightly.

She puts her cane to the side after 5 more strokes lining her fat bottom like stripes on a zebra.

"Now young lady this is what I've been waiting for an opportunity to punish that plump bottom of yours. She looks down at the girls legs her panties around one ankle. Her bottom quivering she steps behind her and pushes the head of her strap on against the girls sphincter.

"Pleeeease I'm sorry miss it will never happen again please "

The masseuse ignoring her pleas and apologies proceeds to push her strapon all the way into the girls ass.

She writhes in pain trying to move but to no avail the masseuse goes full force and begins the ducking. She's watching the girls facial expressions in the mirror her eyes wide open tears running down her mouth open with each stroke. The masseuse gets in there and really opens this-young ladies asshole.

"That's a good girl take it all in. A good lesson your learning today aren't you? "

In and out deep and fast long and hard she fucks her chubby ass. Her pussy pulsing with each plunge of her strap on.

Just when the girl thinks it's over the masseuse removes the strap on from her ass brings the table back up. Takes the wedge out from under the girls tummy.

"Ok young lady Oh no I'm not done being those knees into your belly and stick that bottom up high. As the girl is bringing her knees in and whimpering the masseuse lowers a leather strap from the ceiling and loops it under the girls tummy hoisting her ass even higher.

"There we go now we'll give you something to cry about "

The masseuse gets on the table and straddles the girls bottom pushing her strap on down she enters the girls ass balls deep and begins pile driving her ass deep with regular strokes.

The girls cries go unnoticed the pounding gets harder and faster until finally the masseuse lets out a scream and shoots her juices all over that plug.

Banging deep until her orgasms are over.

She gets off the table takes off the strap on and puts the plug in the girls mouth tightens it around the back of her head and leaves.


April, 08, 2017

Good start to the weekend.

April, 08, 2017

Good start to the weekend.



I hope everyone is having a good start to a great weekend.

Pics from last night from a fashion show benefit. In a room  with 500 women.

What a great night. 

I hope your enjoying my latest updates and please if you want something 

special feel free to message me.


Everyone have a great weekend. Kelly




I want to show you something special.

Don`t keep me waiting. Come inside...